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Financial Literacy Test

Can you pass the financial literacy test?

Will you work until the day that you die?

Take this financial literacy quiz and get ready to retire. Remember financial literacy is not a game.

It depends on the choices you make in life and how well you manage your money.

As in the game of life you will manage housing and transportation. how you manage is all up to you. This is financial literacy 101. Your career will progress as in life with the choices you make. every turn of life will present you with decisions. some of the result of those decisions will be positive and some negative.

Debts accrue at double the interest of savings. Hint, you will need more savings than debt.

This financial literacy quiz is just for fun but it will give you some good ideas, letting you know how financially prepared you are for retirement....see you in 36 years.

This game is provided to courtesy of Visa Inc.

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